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Residential loans

We've helped thousands of families obtain excellent home loans. Our mortgage experts are here to assist you and help you meet your mortgage goals.


Vehicle finance & leasing

We can help you refinance your car loan or adjust the term of the contract. You're just a step away from approved car financing!


Plant & equipment

We work with companies from the outset to develop a lease agreement that will provide flexibility in managing assets “from cradle to sale.”


Commercial & business

We are a trusted finance partner for many of our business clients. We advise on the suitability and competitiveness of existing loans and help acquire new funds.

  • We thought we were on track BUT with David's help we now have a clearer picture of what we need to do to achieve our goal of becoming debt free...
  • Being a first time investor we didn't understand what to do but David held our hands all the way through & made the process easy & enjoyable....so easy in fact we bought 2 investment properties...
    Tea Tree Gully
  • My Super was all over the place after having numerous jobs throughout my work life but now its all in one product that suits my needs better & I'm paying much less in fees...many thanks.
    Golden Grove
  • We were fed up with our existing employer Super Funds especially after the GFC...we wanted to learn more about SMSF's..a friend put us on to David who helped set it up for us & now we feel much more confident about our retirement...
    John & Lucy
    Fairview Park
  • Being a first home buyer we didn't understand how to go about buying our 1st home & thought we couldn't after speaking with a few banks BUT we spoke to David who told us about a Family Equity mortgage & after involving my parents we now own our own home much earlier than we thought possible & no more paying dead money in rent...
  • We thought we had all the protection we needed in our Super...how wrong we were. After completing a Financial Needs Analysis with David we could see our shortfall...We can now sleep at night knowing that if any event happens we are protected...thankyou for the peace of mind...
    Sam & Eileen
    Wynn Vale
  • After meeting David we realised we didn't have the best mortgage for us & our hard earn money wasn't being utilised correctly...we are now on target to save 11 years on our home loan & save $264,000 in bank interest...WOW!!!...
    Ian & Sonja
  • We made an appointment to see David on the advise of some friends...but didn't really think we needed any help....How wrong we were, we will now save over 8 years on our mortgage & be able to retire much earlier than we thought possible...everyone should have a FREE annual review & see what they can achieve...
    Mick & Mel
  • Our future looked bleak after the GFC so we sought David's advise & although we will never recoup all that we lost we are now in a much better situation & meet with David every year to ensure we on still on track to retire at 60......we are getting there...thank you.
    Fred & Linda
    Redwood Park
  • Our finances were all over the place & life was too hard but after a few meetings with David we are all sorted out & on track to achieve our goals & dreams. I just wish Id done it earlier...
    George & Patricia
    Hope Valley
  • We had never used a financial planner before & didn't know what they did...we had only used David previously for our home loan but eventually asked for a financial review that had been offered many times before....so glad we did. Our targets are now in sight we know what we need to do to make them real....Thanks for being patient.
    Don & Julie
    Gulfview Heights